Champagne Diamonds: Your thoughts?

  1. The champagne diamonds I've seen have dense color saturation and lots of carbon deposits. They also usually have lots of blemishes and feathers. I've never seen any that truly look like a colored diamond, like canary diamonds. They look really inferior under a loupe and it seems that champagne diamonds are a catch all term for inferior diamonds with a lot of color and carbon in them.
  2. I think its pretty, but I cant get past the movie BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. he asks his fiance to marry him with a champagne diamond, she says NO, not because of the diamond but when he tells his friends and shows them they were all laughing, he was like man you gave her a brown diamond, he kept saying it's champagne it's the hottest thing. his friend kept saying no man it's a brown diamond! so funny
  3. I like them a lot. I think they are really pretty when mixed w/ "normal diamonds" kind of in right hand ring styles or diamond fashion rings, KWIM? I wouldn't want one for an engagement ring b/c everyone would be like, oh that's a brown diamond. I have a pair of studs that are champagne and I like them.

    The article from Time was interesting. Thanks for posting.
  4. Mmmmm...I don't know whether I like them or not, you know? Will have to think about it and get back to you gut response is not a fan though... :nogood:
  5. Thanks ladies! I'll be interested on more opinions... I'll have to make sure I have my loupe the next time I get together with my girlfriends to look over some of these "champagne" diamonds.....
  6. I like them. Especially set in 'Black' Gold to wear as a Fashion Piece.

    They still sparkle the way diamonds do, just not as much so that makes them always pretty to look at.
  7. I was intriqued by it at first...but looking at them for a while, it doesnt have that certain fire quality of a dimaond or it show cases it much lacks sparkle and the color itself is not right for the stone imo. I really love canary diamonds, because the sparkle with the color just sets the stone off, but other colors besides light blue...seems to make it a bit dull looking.
  8. I adore them :drool: They look so classy. I am currently waiting on my right hand ring to be made up, it's a large champagne diamond with a white diamond on either side. Totally delicious:heart::heart::heart:
  9. i like them, i know that they may not be anything like the quality of canary or the colorless but the price and value already take care of that aspect right? i still think they're nice depending on what its used in/for.
  10. No, I don't like them at all- but I don't like any coloured diamonds.
  11. i dont like them...i think it's because my jewlerstainted my mind against them LOL! they told me they were "left over" diamonds that no one wanted until they put fancy names on them to entice people (kind of like greenland/iceland haha)

    i think one chain class them chocolate diamonds!!

    yeah they DEF do not work for me!!
  12. I think they're very pricey for what they are - dirty diamonds, meaning blelow the accepted color grade (after yellow is champagne & brown etc) & included. They may look nice in some pieces but I wouln't ever pay a lot of $$ for them.
  13. I'd prefer a nice, juicy pink, please:heart:
  14. I think they look pretty mixed in with other colored diamonds and gemstones but by themselves they always look dirty to me and I have 2 pairs of champagne diamond earrings:sweatdrop: