Champagne cake

  1. Has anyone tried one? Ive seen them online and am thinking of ordering one.
  2. Sorry, never heard of it. Do you have a picture or a link?
  3. Oh yummy!
  4. Umm, hi, CHAMPAGNE and CAKE? of COURSE it will be tasty tasty! Link Pls!
  5. I saw them in my Kansas City Steak catalogue.

  6. hehe. I like how you think :yes:
  7. Who will be the first to try it? I can say the steaks are fantastic.
  8. sounds yummy
  9. Champagne and cake? how can you go wrong?

    Well, I have never tried them before. Hope someone here gives us an update on how they taste!
  10. i had one a few years ago for my birthday and it was great!