Champ Elysees Jewelry

  1. These were made for the store opening and I believe are sold ONLY at that store.

    The prices for these are beyond expensive I can assure you that!
    1.JPG 2.JPG
  2. oops! forgot this little guy!
  3. So Gorgeous! Thank You For Sharing!!!
  4. OMG!!! That ring is TDF!!!!
    What kinda loot are we talking about here?

  5. Wow!! They are awesome!!
  6. I would bet each thing is over $50k
  7. So so so pretty.
  8. So pretty but probably cost an arm and a leg :P
  9. nice
  10. Aaaah one day, hopefully I'll be able to afford some LV jewelry, even one of those charms so I can get the mini trunk it comes in they are so adorable.
  11. Aww i like the box more ahaha
  12. :shocked:....:blink:.....:angel:
  13. Gorgeous earrings! I can only imagine much they cost. Scary thought.
  14. ROFL! Too bad I'm only 19 or else I would beg my bf for that ring to be my engagement ring!
  15. there are so nice.