Chamonix vs. Box

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  1. I'm just wondering if Chamonix obtains a patina like Box???
  2. It does get a patina, but not quite as shiny as box. Over time, the leather does not look as matte.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Bijouxlady--do you have something in chamonix?
  5. i do but it has no patina yet. i got it pre-loved (but like new) in November and it's been in its dustbag in my purse closet ever since. quoting others who've said: it's use that creates patina more than age. i'd love to see close-up pix of the patina of natural chamonix that's been well-used. thanks for asking about this Bijouxlady!
  6. laila--what style bag did you get?
  7. Yes, I do! 32 HAC in black chamonix with GHW! I have only carried her ONCE....been too worried about scratches! If i knew she was going to end up with that wonderful patina then I would get busy wearing her! Because of this I keep toying with the idea of selling her! I think i read that they don't do large items in chamonix anymore.....correct?? Did I also read that the HAC may not be made for awhile? These are things that make me think long & hard about parting with her! I would LOVE to see some pics of a well worn chamonix bag! Anyone??? :heart:
  8. wow--i dont remember this for some reason. i thought you had a 32 black swift? i have seen old natural chamonix...........its a rustic sort of look but very understated cool.
  9. I'm walking out the door but there is a thread I started somewhere about this bag. I THOUGHT it was swift but all of you kind ladies that KNOW H told me if was chamonix from my pics. If you have time, see if you can find it and look at the pics again and tell me what you think!

  10. chamonix is very stiff and structured--swift is velvety, soft and more slouchy...i will search for the thread
  11. Stiff & structured pretty well describes it! It's a beautiful bag but not doing me any good just sitting in it's box! Anyway, I will look for the thread too!
  12. The pic is in the reference library. Click on leathers, then Cox and Chamonix.
    It is on page 2.
    Yes....definitely chamonix, and it is gorgeous! I recalled where it was because I am in the reference library often, and Bijouxlady's bag always catches my eye. Don't sell her....the bag is too unique and beautiful.
  13. Thanks for the tip! Also, thanks for the advice! I just need to jump on out there and wear her! I probably will keep her! She is lovely!
  14. HAC was not offered in the last 2 podiums (for delivery AW 2009 and SS2010). No news yet for current podium (for AW 2010).

    The black HAC chamonix is stunning Bijouxlady. Please keep her!
  15. Bijouxlady - Please don't part with your HAC Black chamonix. It sounds gorgeous. I just saw Ms Birkin's Thalassa Blue chamonix in another thread. If you're interested.......
    (pics in post #4)