Chamonix qns..

  1. Hermesgroupie:heart: has done a fantastic job at the leather references but I still have a couple of qns regarding chamonix.

    Does it patina as nicely as box? Also, because it's so sensitive to water.. what happens when say during a hot summer's day your hand is all sweaty:sweatdrop: and you're carrying your beautiful Chamonix clutch.. Is that going to cause blistering something vicious?:Push:

    I'm thinking of SOing a Kelly Elan clutch like shopmom's. My store manager isn't aware about it being discontinued. According to her, you can still order these. I've told her I wanted Boxcalf but maybe the matte look would be nicer, like shopmom's. Any opinions/input will be much appreciated!:flowers:
  2. I do not own one yet... but, I saw that leather "in use"...seems that it is a little more prone to darkening than box, but the scratches show less, I think moisture would show more, but the leather is so beautiful, that this is just part ot "it's" personality...I look forward to staining my chamonix:yes: ...(that sounds weird!):confused1:
  3. LOL, avan! That sounds kinda risque!
  4. :shame: I will leave the Hermesgroupie!:yes:
  5. Avandome pretty muched summed it up. It scratches as easily as box, but the scratches are less evident. Sweat won't cause enough moisture to cause the leather to blister.
  6. Okay,.. I own a Charmonix Constance bag in black. I must say that I took this baby out in the rain and it behaved very well. It does patina well. I have scratched this baby and nothing shows, it blends in after a while. I am very happy with my constance.
  7. Here's Constance
  8. Hey, what size is that baby? :nuts: I want that one in the large Chamonix!:P
  9. Looking ath the first picture...ouch, I hurt my neck!:P
  10. Sorry!!! :lol:

    The bag is 23cm Perfect size, I can carry my bearn in it and much more.
  11. If that is the largest that Hermes makes...(I think they make 3 sizes) then that is the one I want.:love:
  12. Thanks HG, Bagg and avan for your help!:flowers:

    Bagg, your Constance looks FAB! I love how the chamonix looks! May I ask, how long have you had this bag? Coz it looks in TOP form!:nuts:
  13. I asked my SA about chamonix and she is of the opinion that chamonix requires alot of "tender, loving, care". There was apparently a customer who owns a light coloured chamonix, and it got wet in the rain. There were no water blisters but there were lots of water stains. The bag was sent to Paris for repair but was sent back with a fruitless attempt to remove the water stains. My SA said darker colours are OK. Hope this helps.
  14. ^*t!! I just ordered a Natural Chamonix Birkin.........bugger.....
  15. I have two bags that with chamonix. One is the toile/chamonix that I have worn quite a bit. Granted, I haven't worn them in a raging rainstorm, but blisters???? I have trouble with that one. Mine are a darker color so I don't know how the lighter colors react to water. I have had other lighter color leather items that have gotten stained from water etc. I guess it's part of the charm...unless you have spent $$$on them. Then it would upset me to tell the truth.