Chamonix leather for handbag

  1. I couldn't find much about this on the forum. Does anyone have any opinions on Chamonix leather. I was wondering how it would be for a handbag, like a bolide or plume, not a birkin. Is it practical for everyday? I understand it does not take to the rain very well. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  2. I have a chamonix Birkin which I ADORE - although I wouldn't say it was a good everyday leather. I have found it to be OK with moisture, but wouldn't take it out in a shower. It's a very delicate leather for corner scratches. Perfect for a clutch bag! It's quite a decadent leather, as it needs a little care at all times, but the payoff is it's an absolutely delicious look for a bag - a matte version of creamy boxcalf.
  3. Check out my bolide in the avatar. Chamonix is very velvety and beautiful and often done with contrast stitching. Love it!

  4. Your bolide is GORGEOUS! Do you find that you have to be careful with it or do you use it for everyday?
  5. Chamonix is a fantastic of my favorites. I love the matte finish.......I didn't find mine to be too delicate and when caught in a light drizzle the drops whiped off very nicely.
  6. I think Chamonix is beautiful, the matte finish... very elegant.
  7. Wipe it quickly, I've seen opaque water spots if the water is not wiped down. Just a note, it will lose its matte finish as it ages.
  8. if you have the chance to buy a chamonix bag, then definitely get it! this is a great leather that unfortunately is not currently produced in mass quanitities (for handbags, at least). i adore chamonix.
  9. I have a Chamonix wallet, and the leather shows scratches easily. The matte finish is very unique.
  10. I don't wear it out in the rain. On the whole, I think it wears well and my leather has not changed over time.
  11. I have a chamonix rouge H clutch which I absolutely adore, and I don't think I could have done a better purchase. That said it's a clutch, and even if I haven't used it a lot, I can tell from now it's quite prone to showing scratches and wear on corners, so even if I love this leather to pieces I wouldn't choose it for an everyday or very big bag.

    I find chamonix especially beautiful in rouge H and naturel. For what's regarding black i only like it if it comes with white stitching (but it usually comes with black stitching, whereas rouge H and naturel come with usually come with white stitching)
  12. YOur clutch is seriously lovely. I agree that really, you couldn't have done better with the combo you have.

    Having seen rouge H now in chamonix I'm actually getting a little less fixated with my grail rouge H boxcalf. I love the matte look of chamonic.
  13. HG, will it develop a shiny patina like boxcalf over time?
  14. Yes, I saw an old Birkin natural chamonix that was very shiny and confirmed it with Pierre. It does get shiny.
  15. ^^ Thank you, HG! You're like my Hermes angel, answering my question so fast!