Chamois owners: Has your bag darkened up at all?

  1. Just wondering if this bag will develop a patina like LV handles. Seems like it will...
  2. ooh...never thought about it..Mine has only been out twice...BUT I doubt it will darken...unless my kids touch it with dirty hands!!LOL!
  3. Yeah, I know the patina develops from the oils, dirt, etc. on the hands but somehow it seems like (call me crazy!) mine has darkened since I've had it... for all of three days! It seemed so pale and washed out at first and now it's growing on me. :heart:

    YAY, new smilies!! :graucho:
  4. Did you take her to the tanning salon? :roflmfao:

    Personally, I think you two are bonding :heart:
  5. This was another big concern of mine...should I keep the Chloe Chamois Edith??? I mentioned it in one of the other posts on how to take care of I hate to repeat myself...but I am definitely concerned with the wear...maybe it will look better...I love the slouchy soft leather...and Chloe & Balenciaga leathers are the greatest!

    They seem to just get better when I carry them!