Chamois Medium Edith Available

  1. The chamois Edith I returned has arrived at it's destination... which means it's fair game!!

    If you want her, call BILL at Bob Ellis Shoes Phone 843-722-2515

    I want her to find a good home!!

  2. *tempted*

    :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin:
  3. If Bob Ellis had a more lenient return policy I would find a way. I like to have a large window of time to return merchandise, especially in the case of manufacturing defects that don't show up right away.

    It is a gorgeous bag and I'm sure they will have no trouble re-selling it even if no one here pounces! :biggrin:
  4. I really thought her texture and color were outstanding... that's why I want someone to grab her.
  5. She is for sure a KEEPER :love: for somebody! The more I look at Ediths, the more I lean towards the Chamois for leather personality. :heart:

    Perhaps the variations stand out more in the lighter color? :rolleyes:
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