Chamois Edith is HERE!

  1. Alrighty...the chamois Edith arrives this morning just before 9:00 (when they say next day, they are NOT kidding!) but I was on my way out the door, so I just now got it opened and photographed. I have taken pics with the whiskey Edith so we can all decide what bag I am going to keep! The color is not as rich as the Saks ad, but not as fleshy as some of the chamois bags that I have seen. What do we think?
    Chamois in chair.jpg Chamois outside front.jpg Ediths side by side.jpg Ediths outside front.jpg Chamois on door.jpg Whiskey on door.jpg Chamois leather.jpg Whiskey leather.jpg
  2. I think whiskey shows more texture of this bag. Chamois is pretty for summer and spring. But Whiskey is more year around and it shows more the special way of edith.My large whiskey edith is on its way to me.....:nuts:
  3. Nice! I think the chamois color makes it look less like a briefcase. I prefer it over the whiskey. :amuse:
  4. While the Chamois is pretty - I really think the darker colors looks best on Edith. I also think that unless you wear all black or white or Chamois is a hard color to match to other outfits. Against paler spring/summer colors it would look washed out. I also think that the Chamois will be a b*tch to keep clean.
    My pick is for the Whisky.... but that's just me. You should choose the one you're most drawn to.
  5. I like the Chamois but prefer the Whiskey.
  6. OOHHH so glad you got it! Now 'decisions, decisions' time. You already know my preference..... Whiskey!
  7. So

    Whiskey ---> 4
    Chamois----> 1

    you should set this up as a "poll"!
  8. Sorry for the way the pics turned out. Not sure what I messed up! Beauxgoris, you are right...I should have done a poll!
  9. CHAMOIS!!! Whiskey is too a briefcase..I am using my chamnois today...and got a ton of really goes with everything!!!!!!
  10. I prefer the chamois over the whiskey. I keep using the same phrase but I don't know how else to explain it .... the whiskey looks too "Indiana Jones" IMO.
  11. You have to CHOOSE?? ;) You're not immediately trying to justify keeping both? :nuts: They both look like absolute perfect specimens to me (except black mark). You didn't sound over excited introducing chamois... I guess I'll have to see one IRL (the hard way!) to understand why you're not absolutely bowled over with it. I'm hearing the fleshy-not-goldy vibe is what is really deterring you and others.

    I think both will stand the test of time so you can't go wrong. Perhaps for a handheld whiskey would weather better since it's going to suffer more contact with hands & elements than a shoulder bag? Then again, if chamois sees enough abuse, dirt, and greasy restaurant carpets it will start looking like the Saks ad! I would LOVE to have that bag.

    Hmm, I'll vote again in a few days!
  12. i love them both! I choose whisky, but only because it's more practical (for me!). I don't think you could go wrong either way!
  13. Someone knows me a LITTLE too well!:lol: I am trying to NOT justify keeping both, LOL. And I deliberately tried to not "sound" one way or the other on the chamois to see how people would react to it on its own, so glad to hear that is panning out for me! Funny that the first round all voted whiskey, and the second round all went with the chamois. I am not telling how I vote....yet.:nuts:
  14. I prefer the chamois for a handbag. I agree that the whiskey Edith looks more like a briefcase/work bag. (If you are out shopping with whiskey Edith at the mall...stop to have may be asked if you qualify for an employee discount with your "work bag"...a random thought...).
  15. SoCal, they must be paying the mall workers pretty well! Ha ha!:lol: (Seriously, I wonder what SAs make?) But point taken. The whiskey could pass more easily as a work bag.