Chamois Edith is Here!! (Pics Inside)

  1. I am amazed. My Chamois is a "dark" chamois!! It is golden blonde, not pale and washed out looking at all. The texture is smooth and even, no pebbles, just texture (lines). One of the sides is much more lined than the other but it only adds to the charm. Nice scrumpling all over; only the pocket is smooth. The leather is softer than choco, but it is still thick and has that rigidity the Paddys do not. This is not going back to Nordstrom - we have already bonded! :heart: :biggrin:

    The Ediths have a sister arriving later today - the large Chocolate Muse! My own sister bought the Muse for me (early birthday gift) over the weekend. Now that was a bag I didn't expect to like IRL, but there she was in NM Boston in all her gorgeous glory. I had to have it!!
    ChamoisNoFlash.jpg ChamoisHoldResized.jpg ChamoisEdith1Resized.jpg ChamoisBackResized.jpg
  2. Roey.,,,,gorgeous bag. Congrats! I think the pic of Edith online doesn't do it justice. It looks much better IRL...
  3. Gorgeous! Wow, she really IS smooth.. that kind of suits Chamois. It's hard for me to gauge the color but if she didn't strike you as pale and washed out then she must be darker. That really is a beauty!!
  4. The texture doesn't capture well in pics. And as I told Daisy in a private email, I already found a broken stitch at the very top of the right pocket. I really want to keep this bag for all its other attributes and try to get a discount for the broken stich. Does anyone know of a product I can buy to glue it down? I would rather not take it to a professional and risk having it stained due to handling. I'm so afraid of the bag getting dirty!
  5. roey your chamois is gorgeous! :yahoo: Perfectly rumply all over. :biggrin: So glad you like her! Too bad about the stitch - definitely a discount in order there but worth keeping the bag. Glad to hear she doesn't look washed out either - mine is more pebbled and I thought the pebbling perhaps added depth and made it look darker IRL but each bag just seems so different - glad you have two diff textured Ediths now too!

    And can't wait to see pics of your Muse....what a great trip with sis! :flowers:
  6. Thanks for the compliments ladies but the bag is going back. The stitching is unraveling worse and it isn't worth it even for a discount. BIG SIGH! I'm sure I'll find another, but this one wasn't meant to be.
  7. Oooooh, darn! But totally understandable if it's unraveling :cry: Good thing you've got some retail therapy on the way! So you think you'll still try for another chamois?
  8. Roey she's gorgeous!!! What an amazing color. Too bad you have to send it back but unraveling = return for sure!

    I need to see an updated pic of ALL your Chloes...
  9. Could you have Chloe repair it? If not, I'm sorry the bag isn't perfect. That stinks to wait, and build up excitement, only to be let down.
  10. Beautiful!! Lucky Girl! Congrats! :smile:
  11. Lovely bag! Sorry to hear about the stitching...I hope you can find a replacement soon!!
  12. roey - sorry to hear about the stitching. I would send it back too for something like that. Can they repair it for you?

    I'm excited that your Muse is coming though! I fell for a chocolate muse too - so I know how you feel. It's good you got one. I've heard that the chocolate won't be as available in the fall as the "oak" will be the fall brown color that is featured. I don't think it's nearly as beautiful as the chocolate Muse is!
  13. Hi Beaux! I'll PM you soon about my Muse - which is here and perfect in every way!!

    DHL just picked up Edith for her return journey back to Nordstrom. I am so, so, SAD! The manager is going to find out the process to return her to Chloe for repair; she was very clueless as this particular Nordstrom store just started carrying the line. I was able to get an immediate credit on my card while Edith is in transit, and if she can be repaired I will repurchase at a later time (providing she looks perfect afterwards!).

    I brought her to my local leather repair shop and they were very afraid to touch her due to not being able to match the stitching or use the correct needle size. It is better that Chloe handle this issue.
  14. Roey,
    Check your PMs!
  15. Sorry to hear that Roey! You'll find another soon i'm sure.