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  1. Seems like this style hasn't been discussed in a while...
    I love how versatile and different each chameleon can be (living up to its name?).

    i have two, both with very different audiences and uses:
  2. Wow, I didn't realize how quiet it is in here when it comes to the Fendi Chameleon. I only have one small chameleon in noisette and pebbled leather. Love my chameleon and I always get compliments. A lot of people don't realize what it is until I tell them. Are those large chameleons? :smile:

  3. Hi all. Im interested in this small chameleon on Neiman Marcus

    The description says Beige, but it really looks more like the bark colour on the tri-colour chameleon. I tried asking them and their response was "the bag's description is beige", which was no help at all!

    Can anyone help me out? TIA
  4. very wonderful bags! I was near to buy a new one, one month ago but than I realise it was out of production, and this stopped me... so in Italy now it isn't in collection.. and I don't know why... it was very beautiful!
  5. Hi, I have this bag although I got mine from Nordstrom and the color was "noisette" and this is the exact color which a peanut butter brown color. If the photo is coorect then it's definitely not a beige. I hope this helps a bit. 👍😉

  6. Thank you! I bought one off of eBay in this color back in October. She wasn't brand spanking new, but I absolutely fell in love with her. The colour, the leather, the weight, that it isn't too slouchy. Just had it authenticated on the ATFendi thread. Been scouring the net looking for more in different colors n sizes. Would love any tips. Wish Fendi would bring it back.

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  7. Such a gorgeous bag......the leather looks amazing!

    Regarding Ebay tips, I have found when looking for bags most Sellers don't know the style name so you need to sort through new listings everyday to see what pops up. It can be time consuming but once you look through active auctions, then I either check the new listings or the ending soon listings daily to try and make certain I haven't missed anything(or I look at both:P). I have found some nice finds this way. Good luck in your treasure hunt:flowers:
  8. Thank u! I do love the thick heavy textured leather on the Cham. DH has carried it around for me and looked really studly doing so :biggrin:

    N thank u for the tips. I have seen the bags misspelt on some listings from Japan. Just not very confident about which are legit sellers. Would be great to get recommendations.

    authenticplease, any Cham pics to share? I'm on a hunt for the pink that got away...