Chameleon v. Pouchee?

  1. Okay- so I am very intrigued by these purse organization things. Now that I have several purses to switch between- I think something like this would make life easier! So- does anyone have experience with these? I've heard rave reviews about Chameleon. I've heard some likes and some dislikes on the Purseket. What about Pouchee? (I think). What do you all think? Nice thing with pouchee is that they have them locally. But I do think that the pouchee is a bit smaller than Chameleon (smaller even than the small Cham?)
  2. I have yet to buy one but have asked this question as well!!

    I have heard fantastic reviews on the Chameleon. It seems like people like that better because it has a bottom on it, so the bottom your actual purse doesn't get dirty. The purseket is just a roll of pockets. However, people do like both so it comes down to what you really need!

    I am deciding as well...we can be on the hunt together! lol GOOD LUCK!
  3. Yep- I understood the same thing on the purseket. However, the pouchee also has a bottom to it. I did a search on Pouchee and only one thread came up. Does anyone have a Pouchee? Do you like it?
  4. I've never used a Pouchee, but I love Chameleons. Like a lot of others, I went with that one over the Purseket because it had a bottom. I like being able to keep both small AND large items organized and together, so I only needed to grab one thing when switching bags. The Pouchee looks comparable to a small Chameleon. It looks like it's made of much thicker material, though, so it might be heavier? Chameleons are extremely light.
  5. mockinglee- may I ask what size Chameleon you have? I'm trying to get one that will fit in all my HHs (among other bags) and was thinking that the small might be best since I have a Louvre (which is slim). I also have an Andrea Brueckner that is not really tall (though it is quite long) so I thought a small might work best. But now I'm wondering if a small will be too small.
  6. I have a question...

    DO Chameleons work well with slouchy bags? I have both slouchy and structured bags and I feel as though the Chameleon would topple over in a slouchy bag...

  7. My medium chameleon deffinitely topples in my bags as my bags are bit too big. But i haven't had trouble with things falling out. most is secured in the smaller pockets with only keys, sunglasses case and random bits in the unsecure center.
  8. Yeah that was my second question. I am a big bag girl (love them) and I was thinking that with the slouchiness plus a big wouldn't really work out...:hrmm:
  9. I have both a small and a large extra sturdy. The large works great in my Nico and Hudson Hobo, but is a little tight in the Hudson. The small fits in everything, but kinda swims in my larger bags. Maybe try the medium? It's actually taller than the large, but not as wide or deep, I think. The ones in regular fabric are really flexible, too, so they can always be "squished" to fit through narrow openings and will be fine in slim bags.

    Mine topple over in larger bags, too. Not sure what I can do about that (besides get smaller bags :graucho:)
  10. I have one of each size (the Chameleon), but only use the small and large. I use the small daily and when I use my bigger "bottomless pit" bags, I drop the small into the large. Fits with room to spare, adds extra pockets and keeps everything upright. I don't like the medium -- it's too tall/deep for my taste.
  11. Just wondering- is the large too wide? The website says 5 inches deep. One of my bags that I'd want to use it with is the Hayden Harnett Louvre (which is my everyday bag) and, though it is very soft and flexible, is only 2 inches deep according to the HH website. So- is the large flexible enough to just squish together?
  12. I have a purseket. However, my motives weren't totally organizational. I liked that it expands and is stiff so with slouchier bags it holds up the sides. I also love big bags, but some of them only look good when they look full.

    I've heard of other people getting pursekets for the same reason, so if the people looking solely for organization say chameleon, I say go for that one. I've never heard of pouchee, but they look too small for me (I use a large purseket).
  13. I just put my large Chameleon (that I never bother to use) inside my Louvre, and I think you'll want a medium and not a large. Since the Louvre doesn't have a separate base piece I don't think the large is a good fit. Also it's hard to get the Chameleon inside due to the narrower mouth of the Louvre.

    And now I have the chameleon song from Zelig in my head yet again...
  14. I am in Asia so we don't have either but we have a lot of purse organizers in similar styles. I've used both types and have to agree that the "chameleon-type" turns to tip over. I also find it heavier and a bit more cumbersome than the pouchee-style, which is a bit more organized. Also, when you pull out a pouchee and transfer into another bag there is less chance of dropping things whereas the chameleon-style organizers are long and some objects tend to fall out (they also don't keep you from having to grope around for things in a big bag). This is just my experience though.
  15. hovercraftier- thank you so much for trying out your chameleon in the Louvre for me! I really, really appreciate. Especially, seeing as Kathy, the owner of Chameleon suggested a large. She said that the large would be a better use of the space in my bag. But I was so concerned that it would be really, really too wide. I don't know..... she did say that you can take out the side structure (or cut it to fit) really easily so that the thing will scrunch to fit. Decisions, decisions........