Chameleon Reveal!

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  1. I feel like we should start a Chameleon thread... but until then, here is my new Chameleon in Cognac! So in love...

    Sorry about the poor color quality in the modeling pics, but in case anyone has sizing questions, I'm 5'4" but was wearing 4 inch heels at the time. :biggrin:
    Whole Bag.JPG Modeling 1.JPG Modeling 2.JPG
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Oh she is stunning...The leather looks amazing
  4. Here's mine when I first got it.
    It looks just as good after lots of use this summer.

    Congrats on yours!

  5. Ah, we both have the pebbled leather!! It seems so sturdy, but soft at the same time. (If that's somehow possible...) Glad to know its holding up well! Your color is gorgeous.
  6. Thank you very much! I have to share a secret... I got it on Bluefly for what ended up being half off, after all of my discount codes/Living Social promo, etc. And to make it even better, I saw the exact bag at Neiman Marcus for full price when I went in a few days ago. :smile:
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. Lovelyyy :heart::heart::heart::heart: perfect color for all year round and the pebbled leather = amazing ...enjoy your bag
  9. Just got my first Fendi from Reebonz! Can't wait for it to arrive. I will definitely be posting photos when she gets here. I got the tan/caramel colored one with black handles. I believe it's called the Cuoio, Oro color scheme. Can't wait!!!

    There's nothing wrong with a bargain, Manolos21!
  10. Here she is!!!!!!

  11. Congrats!!!! She's so pretty!!! :smile:
  12. love it ms_simone!
  13. That color combo is gorgeous. I haven't seen it anywhere before!
  14. I LOVE your chameleon! Do you mind telling me which size this one is? I don't have a store near me to try them on, but I am your height and this one looks perfect on you.