Chameleon organizer

  1. Do any of you have pics showing your chameleon purse insert? Especially in a Mandy. I want to get one and am unsure how they look in the bag. So please, if you can share some pics I would be so happy. Thanks
    Or if you have a different type of organizer in your Mandy I would love to see it also.

  2. They fit like a glove. If I get a chance, I will take a photo. I have an IPAQ 6515 and their is enough room to slide it in at the end of the bag.

    I LOVE it. Keeps my bag clean.
  3. Great, I would love to see pics. What size do you have?
  4. [​IMG]


    Large Extra Sturdy I think
  5. That is cool, which bag is that in??
  6. Noshoe...that mandy and accessories are JUST GORGEOUS!

    oh, and the chameleon's pretty cool, too!:nuts:
  7. ohh wow I want to get one NOW! I have never hear of it, Thanks for the pics:smile:
  8. I haven't either...where did you get that??
  9. They are called chameleon inserts. Go about 5 items down if you google them. That is my Mandy, in whiskey, with the matching wallet & wristlet. The Legacy Striped Makeup case (original) is also in their. I slip my phone in on the end. I also have a plastic makeup case in it in which I keep my pens, etc.