Chameleon or Purseket?

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  1. I just bought a HH Triple C and I need an organizer for the inside...I've seen some posts that mention the Chameleon. Has anyone tried the Purseket? Anyone tried both and which one do you like better and why?

    Also which size for the Triple C?

  2. Ohh I've also been wondering this! I too am waiting for my Mercer Triple C to arrive. Personally I like the design of the Purseket better, but I've never actually used either of them, and I'm not sure how well it would work in the Triple C.
  3. this topic has been discussed many many times, type the two organizers into search! You'll find that most of the ladies here prefer chameleon about 5 to 1 or so! happy bag hunting, ladies!
  4. I have both and much prefer the chameleon over the pursekeet. As a matter of fact, I have never used my pursekeet. I prefer the chameleon b/c it's like a little handbag for your bag and it makes changing bags so easy. I love it. Plus it protects the bottom of your bag. I recently had a pen leak but it didn't get to the bottom of my bag due to the chameleon.

    Yes now my chameleon has an ink stain but better that than my bag. Hmm...maybe I need a new chameleon :graucho:
  5. Here's a picture of my chameleon in hot pink, size small.

    Sorry these are not the best pictures- I took them for the "What's in your b bag thread" on the Balenciaga Forum.

    That's my Balenciaga Ink Purse.
    Inside my Bag - 04.jpg Inside my Bag - 05.jpg Inside my Bag - 06.jpg
  6. I had a purseket but ended up throwing it away whereas I use my Chameleon every single day. Hope this helps your decision.
  7. JudieH - The pictures are a big help! Thank you!!!

    cgsprings - It helps to know that you threw away your purseket - definately not worth the $ then (even though its not much $....)

    I guess its the chameleon!

    Thanks everyone!!!

  8. I think choosing any organizer/protector/insert depends on your preference and, particularly, your handbag in terms of dimensions, style, and material. For example, I find that the purseket helps keep the shape of a (shapeless bottom) LV speedy. I sold my LV denim Neo speedy, because any object I placed in the bag would sink in the middle bottom, resulting in an odd-shaped bag. That was before I learned about a purseket.

    For most other bags, I prefer the chameleon over purseket, because the chameleon protects the bottom of my precious handbag, AND it is light weight. However, I dislike the cameleon, because it is flimpsy and collapses easily. Moreover, the fact that the pockets are on the outside makes me nervous about inadvertently poking/damaging/scratching/soiling the inside lining while inserting objects such as pens and metal objects into the side pockets. The latter is a complete no no for the chevre lining of my Hermes Bolide. Therefore, I opted for a bagmate inspite of its 0.5-lb weight. The bagmate has all inside pockets and a sturdy construction, and is made of fine material (the most luxurious looking among all inserts/organizers). It is fantastic, because I can carry it from bags to bags easily. Price is $36 shipped, which is reasonable for its quality.
  9. Meredith, I love the chameleon too, but the HH Triple C is a little shallow (short, height-wise), for my small chameleon. The Triple C is pretty slouchy, so it collapses a little.

    In this *particular bag*, I actually use my purseket knock-off (can't remember what it's called, but its the one sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond - the Purze-n-izer? - for $9.99). It offers some structure to the main compartment (where I use it) and is short enough. The small chameleon will definitely fit, but you would have to hold up the sides of the bag to zip it easily.

    But I still love the chameleon and consider it one of the best investments as a handbag owner!
  10. I had Kathy at chameleon inserts to custom make me an insert in hot pink but sturdy. The regualr hot pink inserts(my favorite color, especially since most of my bags are lined in black) is rather flimsy. So she made me a special order one :tup:

    If your bag is structured, then the regular inserts should work well. At one point Kathy told me which colors were sturdier than others but I don't remember which ones. Her cs is great though!!
  11. The extra sturdy cameleon weighs about 6-7 oz, which is 2-3 oz lighter than than 8-9 oz bagmate. Here is how the bagmate looks.