Chameleon Inserts questions

  1. Do you ladies feel the Chameleon adds weight to your purse? I like bags with compartments and outside pockets (currently mostly using Kooba Paige which has outside and inside compartments). Although it does take a few minutes for me to change bags, I'm thinking with all the compartments, plus my cosmetics case, card holder, maybe the Chameleon would be unnecessary. Unless I were to get a bag which is totally unstructured where everything just swims around?
  2. IMO, these inserts are light as a feather- I own 3- a small hot pink, a medium blue and a custom made large extra sturdy. They are very, very lightweight.
  3. I have a small one and a large extra sturdy. Both are featherweights. I don't think they'll add any weight to your bags at all, at least none that you'll notice. I use a lot of smaller pouches, too, but I found that the Chameleon is good at keeping them all together, so I don't have to swish my hand around the bottom of my bag trying to grab something. And I can change bags all in one motion.
  4. Plus they protect your bag. I was using my blue medium one and I had a pen leak. Thankfully it didn't get on my bag, just the insert.
  5. The only reason my Chameleon adds more weight is because it keeps my stuff so organized, I feel like I can carry more stuff in my bag!
    The insert itself is super lightweight.
  6. I have a small Chameleon in brown and I love it to death! It adds no weight to my bags and everything I carry goes in it so I can switch bags in seconds. The only inside pocket I use in my bags is the cell phone pocket.
  7. I think out of all the purse organizers out there, this one is the lightest. It really is a dream to have.
  8. Thank you ladies....I'll keep Chameleon in mind;)