Chameleon Inserts NEWS!!

  1. I just got off the phone with Kathy. I had called b/c I was interested in the extra sturdy large chameleon for my new Longchamp bag. She said that in about 1-2 weeks she will be releasing more colors- a red, a yellow and a deeper blue.

    I am going to wait and get the red :tup:
  2. Thanks for the info, I love my Chameleon and have been planning to get another one, now I'll wait too!
  3. Thanks for the update. What size is your Longchamp? I have a large Le Pliage and was thinking I should go with extra large chameleon?
  4. Eugin, I'm not sure of the exact size of my Longchamp- it's not the purse size but the next one up- that you can wear over your shoulders.

    I used my chameleoen insert (large) in it today. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  5. Im going to have to try one of these things. Maybe it will force me to be more organized!:wtf:
  6. Thanks...I have a longchamp bag and was nterested in purchaing one of these...
  7. I use one in mine too! I love the chameleon. I have the large Le Pliage and the medium chameleon. I could use a bigger one, but I can manage with the medium. Its a great little accessory.
  8. I have been looking at these and am perplexed as to what size to get. I am looking for one for my longchamp tote...its the medium shopper size.
    I was wondering if you put a smaller one in a larger bag (Large Neverfull) does it work as well. can you just put other stuff around it or should it take up most of the bag.
    if you get the wrong size does she let you exchange them
  9. handbag*girl, I don't know if she will let you exchange it. You should email or call her. She is very kind and gets back to you asap.

    As for the size, a medium or large would work fine. You will have tons of room to put whatever you want. I am so loving my longchamp.
  10. I just checked the site and she has the new colors up.
  11. I just got my Chameleon and am loving it. I'm switching out my bags all the time now. Hooray!
  12. sorry, someone please tell me what a chameleon is?
    website? thanks!
  13. It's a transferrable insert that has pockets to hold all of your purse items. So many bags are bottomless pits, so this is something that holds everything and you can pop it out of one purse and into the next without any problems! :yes:
  14. ^^^^

    thanks for the info....
  15. I bought the large and it was a little big for my speedy 30. She let me exchange it for a medium. I got the red!