chameleon insert is the winner

  1. FYI
    I just received my chameleon insert and it is great. I bought the bagmate (medium), purseket (drop in, small, med, and large) and chameleon (large and large X-strudy) and tried them all out. I figured it is a small price for something to use in such an $$$$$ bag. Hands down the Chameleon insert large x-sturdy is the best. It holds the shape of the birkin 35 perfectly and fits like a glove. I just figured I would pass this info along since I saw a couple of threads about this topic.

    Happy purse organizing
  2. Thank you for this post Candace! I've been wondering myself which of the 3 options is the best. After much agony, I chose the medium Bagmate. So far so good, but wouldn't mind getting the Chameleon if it's better.

    Would you mind giving us an update again in 1 month? I am interested to know whether you'll still think the same then!
  3. i am so glad you like the chameleon!
    i too, have the large in my black birken 35,
    and never knew about this wonderful invention until i came to tPF.
    it fits perfectly, with a little room on each side.
    mine is bright yellow and brings sunshine into my bag!
    it is so neat, literally and figuratively!

    enjoy it! :yes:
  4. I completely agree with Candace. It really is the best for a 35 cm Birkin. I am responsible for spreading Chameleon use among my family and friends...
  5. What size of chameleon fits in Birkin 30cm...? Thanks!
  6. aspenmartial, not sure...i am going to guess the medium, but you might want to check the measurements on the chameleon website to be sure. i use the large in my 35 birkins (or garden party...plenty of room around it in that bag though), and the medium in my 31 bolide...
  7. angel, i am a big fan of the chameleon,
    the large is perfect for my birkin 35.
    but i never bought the bagmate, so i have no basis of comparison.
    i bought a bunch of the chameleons and gave them to my daughter
    and friends for christmas. everyone loves them!
    btw, i had also ordered the VIP/chocolate soup liner
    before i ever knew about the chameleon.
    delivery was terribly slow (it comes from england),
    and it was very expensive, given the rate of exchange.
    i use an orange VIP in my bj eveleyne 2,
    and it works well in that bag.
    but the chameleon is definitely my favorite of those two.
  8. I'm not familiar with that one but I did get the medium bagmate from gazoo my secret santa and I love it. It holds everything except my large zippy wallet and my large sunglasses case and I just throw a pair of gloves over the top of it and it hides everything in my 35 birkin perfectly. It is also so easy to change bags. thank you Gazoo!
  9. So far I have used the bagmate for a month and the purseket for a couple of weeks and now the chameleon. The bag mate is great but it is a little small and tends to slide around a bit in a birkin 35. The pursket I have used for a year + in my other bags and it works well . . . but with a bag like the birkin that has sides that are explandable it did not work as well. It pushes out the "batwings too much. The Chameleon x-sturdy takes up the perfect amount of room with no sliding and. I also bought the non x-sturdy and it too would work well as long as you have it filled. The x-strudy holds its form no matter what. I will attach pics.

    P.s. the purseket is PERFECT for the LV speedy. It makes it hold the perfect shape

    P.S. I know I am OCD and have nothing better to do:p
    bagmate_med_IMG_2605.jpg purseket_lrg_IMG_2604.jpg cham_lrgIMG_2603.jpg cham_lrg_sturdy_emptyIMG_2602.jpg cham_lrgsturdy_filledIMG_2601.jpg
  10. ^^No worries; I have OCD too.
    Agree about the Chameleon and Bagmate comparison. I got both after reading some threads a few months ago. The Bagmate seems to be a higher quality of construction and I think more aesthetically appealing, but when it comes to function, the Chameleon best suits a Birkin (or a 35 anyway).
  11. Thanks for those wonderful pics Candace!!! I bought the lg purseket a while ago to fit my birkin 35 and I have the same problem as you. It makes the bat wings even more prominent. I will have to try out the chameleon!! I just thought bc my birkin is in box so that is why it is so stiff but I'm thinking the purseket contributes to the bat wings!!!
  12. candace and pepper,

    greetings from another OCDer! :sad: :graucho:
  13. THANKS for the pictures and info, Candace! Very helpful. Does anyone know where I can get the Chameleon online? Thanks!
  14. WoW! Thanks Candace!!! waiting for more pics...

    oops, I see the sturdy now, thanks!!!
  15. sounds like i'll have to try out this chameleon myself! :smile:

    does anyone know the name of those doohicky things that you can put on your table and hang your bag down from it? it's like a purse hook? one of my friend's girlfriend had one but she never told me where she got it. does it work on a 35 cm birkin or is it too heavy? sorry to hijack the thread :blush: