Chameleon Insert in Toki's

  1. Anyone else use one or am I the only one ? I use it in all my big bags ie BV, Corriere, Zucca ETC..., cause as much as I like big bags, I'm never able to find anything so I bought a Chameleon and im in love.... Heres a pic of my chameleon and everything that goes in it.

  2. I've never even heard of a chameleon until now... I know there are other purse organizers out there, but never seen this one.

    I actually use two black LeSportsac make-up cases, a three zip (to carry my essentials) and two zip one (to carry my "just in case" stuff), to organize and store my stuff. Then when I wanna switch out bags, I just take out those make-up cases and don't have to worry about grabbing everything seperately at the bottom of my bag... Then if I'm carrying a big bag I'll take both of the cases, but if I'm carrying a smaller bag I'll just take my 3 zip case and leave the 2 zip at home.
  3. that looks neat! can you take a picture of how it looks inside the bag?
    Where can you purchase it anyways?! It such a awesome idea.
  4. what size is the insert you got there? im thinking of getting one but not sure whether i should get the medium or the large. i want one that can fit to a gioco, zucca, and bv
  5. very cool!! i was thinking of getting a purseket for my mamma mia... haven't taken the plunge yet though!! I might have to consider this in the mix too now!!

    what size do you use for your bv?
  6. I think i have the xl sturdy. It has two removable inserts. So you can make the chameleon sturdy for square shaped or bigger bags, or take em out so it can fit in smaller more tight purses. Im thinking of getting one in every size tho ! lol
  7. This thing fits inside the zucca? :confused1:
  8. yup !!!
  9. :supacool: Which size :confused1: I kinda want one.
  10. oh great idea! I totally need one of those! I think that other thing was called a pursket? Purskey? I forget.. lol
  11. that's it! that's what it's called! a purseket! lol yeah i kinda like these chamaleons too!
  12. Great idea! :tup: This looks like a good idea for giocos and BV's. Still unsure of what size would be good for a gioco though?
  13. i have the xl i believe. Fits in my corriere, BV, and Zucca. DOnt know bout the gioco since i dont have one of those. It doesnt fit inside the stelling tho i know that since the zipper on that bag doesnt open very far. Im sure itd fit in the Campeggio tho.
  14. that has to be the best idea ever!