Chameleon insert in Ergo hobo

  1. I'm planning on buying a Chameleon insert for my bags. I know it would fit in my Carly and other bags but I need to know if it fits in the Med. Ergo hobo. So does anyone in here have a Chameleon insert in their medium ergo hobos? What size do you suggest for that bag? Do you think the Medium extra sturdy would fit in there? Also if you have the small chameleon insert does it keep its shape and kind of stiff? Or does the small collapse a bit? Any info would be helpful!!! TIA...I need one really bad. I hate digging for stuff.
  2. I have a small Chameleon that I use in both my medium Ergo and my medium Carly. A medium Chameleon would fit in the Carly, but not the Ergo. I haven't had any trouble with it collapsing -- even though it's not the "extra sturdy" it holds its form well. I switch out between the two bags regularly and it sure has made it easy! :tup:
  3. Thanks so much TulsaMINI!! I was about to buy the medium and tried to convince myself it would fit the ergo, but now that you told me it won't fit I'll get the small. I also was unsure getting the small cause I thought it wouldn't hold its form. So thanks again!! Now i know what to get!
  4. You're welcome!

    And I didn't know this when I first discovered the Chameleon, but was later pleased to learn that they are made in Oklahoma! :okay:
  5. where can i find this "chameleon insert"?
    it sounds intriguing.