chameleon help

  1. I purchased this. Fendi chameleon .at matshalls and.had however i want to check it not supposed to.say.chameleon somewhere on it


    ^^^^^ please card says the same....


  2. mine says "Duffle Bag Chameleon". I bought mine last nite from Bloomies.
  3. adding pics
    chameleon_bag1.jpg chameleon_bag2.jpg
  4. See i don't get why my description is different then yours...even though i had this authenticated at this fendi makes me question marshalls ...that's where i my chameleon .....
  5. Do you mind if i use your card to ask the ladies in the authenticate forum why mine is different ?
  6. no, dont mind...... g/l
  7. Thanks .....this makes me worry that marshalls has sold me a fake aaaahhhh another headache
  8. Can i ask you how much you paid for it at marshalls. Thanks. Maybe yours is an older style and the card is different
  9. Sure ....i paid $1,500.00 ...and yes i asked the two authenticators in this fendi forum and they both confirmed that the name could have evolved within years...but that they both 100% guaranteed it was authentic...and it depends where the bag was actually made (Europe vs US) as well but that my numbers match ...and everything else looks good !! Yayyy...i was just scared.coming from marshalls and tj max stores but any bag from any department store could be.returned and swaped with a fake....I've bet you've all heard horror stories
  10. Actually, I recently acquired my first Chameleon Bag & I must say, this bag is a total CLASS ACT!! :wlae::jrs::wlae:

    I am tall & lanky big boned lady & wearing it with the shoulder strap -- it's gorgeous!!
    The leather is seriously hi quality and I dare say I just want to fondle it~ :lol::graucho::lol:

    Big congrats on your new Chameleon!
    I have bought designer bags at TJ Maxx & so far they have been 100% real, so I'm not surprised your Chameleon is good. :smile:
  11. I had you authenticate mine for me and you are a life saver!!!!!!
  12. :tup::tup: nice to see it all worked out!!!!
  13. I am going to buy the exactly same bag from a private owner, and even the pic I have is very vague, it shows the same Art. number...But she got it from TJ Maxx instead of Marshall.

    Another question is that, why I never see this color in department store?
  14. Its a past season color/bag ....although its past season ive seen 1 current season chameleon ( in Neiman Marcus) with the zipper pulls and crossbody strap color...same exact color!!!!!...they must have used the same color and incorporated into the new season bag....i canr tell you enough how much i love this bag....especially the color and the buttery leather is to die for...
  15. This is the one i saw at Neimans two weeks ago