Chameleon for my Ginger Kooba

  1. I just received my very first Kooba today! I would like a chameleon to go with it. I ordered a small the other day and then started thinking that I might need a bigger one. So I then ordered a medium. Neither have arrived yet but my Ginger is much bigger than I thought it would be so now I am wondering if I might need a large Chameleon. What size do you girls use for your Kooba bags? I am wondering if the small is too small if Kathy will let me exchange it for a large if I need it. I am not sure what to do.
  2. I'm sorry - what's a chameleon? I'm assuming it's not the reptile...Although I have to admit that at first that did cross my mind...I thought, "maybe she's one of those reptile lovers like my stepsister..." LOL.
  3. Oooh! That's cool! I'm really new to all this handbag business so I'm only familiar with those bananasoup liners. This is great because those banana ones come from the UK. Maybe I can get one of those chameleons, too. :tup:
  4. That is a really great idea! Now I wont be scared to carry pens in there. Orbaby
  5. Or baby sippy cups..
  6. WOW...that's a great idea. Half of the time I put off switching out bags because I carry WAY to much stuff. I love the bigger bags and it gets a little time consuming changing them out....thanks for the tip.:tup:
  7. My suggestion would be to buy the size Chameleon that fits YOU in general, not a particular bag.

    The point of a purse insert is to KEEP all of your stuff in it all of the time so you can switch bags easily.

    I happen to use a small sized Chameleon all of the time. It is the right size for me to corral my small wallet, pens, makeup and appt. book. I tend to use smaller bags then some girls here. Probably the medium size is best for most.

    If I am carrying a big bag I simply push the insert over to one side and put the water bottle or whatever else I want to carry next to it.
  8. I use the large chameleon for my Koobas. In fact, I use a small chameleon INSIDE my large chameleon and if I find it too big for the purse I'm using (which happens very seldom), I just lose the large and voila!
  9. Great idea!!