Chameleon, Bagmate, Purse-to-go . . . a switching-purses question

  1. Hi ladies -- just joined this forum today and am having lots of fun, as well as learning so much. I was thinking of posting a question about how you all manage to switch between purses, and came across some threads on the Chameleon, Bagmate, and Purse-to-go. It seems like a lot of you use those kinds of pouches inside your bags.

    Which raises another question for me: does anyone use the pockets, etc., that are built into their bags in the first place? I've always put my wallet in its appropriate zipper pocket, the cell phone in its pocket, the PDA, the checkbook . . . the bags I've bought have lots of useful pockets. Admittedly, I don't buy the high-end designer bags you all love, but I figure those bags must have pockets built in as well -- true? If so, do you simply ignore them when you use your Chameleon or whatever? :wondering I would appreciate any thoughts and tips you would like to share.
  2. I tend not to use the pockets in my Chameleon. I only use the main central compartment. I do very much utilize the pockets on my bags and refuse to buy bags that dont come with pockets! HTH!:yes:
  3. So does it take you forever to switch bags, then, Gung? That's my main problem -- I have to pull every little thing out of each pocket and find the right place for it in the next purse.