Challenging Thread

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  1. Is there anyone out there who loves H but who does not like Birkin nor Kelly, and not intend to get any in the future? I was just wondering. But I suppose this thread could be used as survey tool for Hermes :smile: Those who don't like please say "Nay" :smile:
  2. Nay
  3. My apologies in advance, as i know my next statement will be horrifying to many: but, the thought of spending 6 thousand dollars on a handbag seems outrageous to me. And it's not like i couldn't afford it, i could.

    But i choose to shop at Hermes for the scarves (which aren't cheap either). But at least with scarves, I am getting a soft tactile item to touch, art work for the wall or for my neck, and pops of color to perk up conservative business suits.

    Each to his own, i guess. People choose to spend money on what they find value in. For instance, i am not a big "car person" either. I could afford a luxury car and my friends thinks i should drive one "to keep up appearances" for my business, but i am happy with the one i have broken in.

    The ladies who collect HS bags must be getting some rockin benefit from them, but this is just not something that appeals to me. So no, i will never be getting a Kelly, Birkin, or any other style.
  4. My gateway to Hermes was the scarves, and that's still my main interest. I would like to own an Hermes bag someday, probably a Gao or Massai or another shoulder/messenger style bag. I love looking at other members' Birkins and Kellys, but I don't think they really suit me. Not to rule out entirely the prospect that I'd ever get one, but if I do it probably won't be for a long time.
  5. I love a lot of the things I've purchased from Hermes, but their bags leave me cold. They're heavy, they don't have enough pockets, and like any other bag, when they age, they don't always age beautifully.

    Now get me going on my small leathers or cashmere/silks, and I'm in heaven.
  6. I own one tiny Evelyne but that will like be my first and last as I can't justify paying £2000 plus on bag given I recently changed my car and only spent £1995 on that (and it's a 2litre Hyundai Coupe with leather seats, cruise control and only 44300 miles on the clock).

    I do have about 30 scarves though bought over the last 2-3 years but have been slowing down with those as well given the number of price increase(s) there has been in the last 18 months.

    If I were to win the lottery, I "may" get a Kelly but wouldn't get a Birkin as not keen on the style.
  7. great thread. i don't have a birkin but so far the bolide and lindy work best for me. the birkin and kelly seem to get the most attention but aren't for everyone.
  8. I like the look of the Kelly and the Birkin, but have pretty much decided that the look/style does not fit my lifestyle (or my pocketbook). I've instead tried the Massai, Marwari and SO Kelly, which are all more practical for me.
  9. No, this thread makes sense. We all have different tastes.
  10. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. That was me at first. I admire birkins and kellys but prefered other H bags. The Lindy is still my favorite and I want a bolide and a picotin MM and a bombay. I just figured I could drool over the birkins and kellys of others because they didn't seem to suit my personal lifestyle. that has changed. I still don't think the Kelly is for me, but I am lusting after a 30 cm Birkin. I will eventually get one. It's a slippery orange slope!
  12. So I guess there are 10 members so far who do not like Birkins nor Kellys. Interesting. I always thought people bought all sorts of H things to get to Birkins or Kellys ultimately (and HAC for guys).
  13. I guess you can count me in - I'm not a fan of the Kelly or the Birkin either...for now....its not just me...and it doesn't fit my lifestyle....also, since I can't afford to go "Hermes only" at this point, I have other purses that are kinda like both those bags in style....I'm going for a Lindy right now, and my next one will be an Evelyne, both more my style, and will complement well with my other purses.

    Still, I appreciate the beauty of the Kelly and the Birkin, and maybe one day, they'll call out to me.
  14. They will. Trust me. I couldn't believe it when it happened. Ugh. But neither are what drew me to Hermes.

  15. I LOVE my Birkin. It is so awesome. I wear it all the time. I like how it can be casual and chic and elegant and classy. I love the leather, the workmanship, the texture, I love holding the handles, the leather is so nice. I just have never held handles in a bag like that ever.

    I love the colors they come in, the variety, the leathers, oh man, i love it!!!!