Challenge: Please help me find the perfect black handbag!

  1. Okay, here's a challenge for you ladies. Please, please help me.:shame: :lol:

    I need something really classic, but not boring. Practical, yet stylish. Must be black leather. Must look good with jeans and also business casual. Must be able to carry on shoulder. Must not be too big or too small...definitely medium sized. $600.00 and under....and I stress "under."

    So far, I've found these...but I'd like more choices. Thanks!

    Botkier Medium Bianca Leather Satchel: This is a beautiful bag, but I don't know if it's classic enough for what I have in mind. I would rather have something a bit more conservative. Still, I'm drawn to it. $595.00

    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Bag: This is shown in Navy Blue, I want one in Black. It's the perfect size, although I wish the strap drop were longer. I love the look of this bag; I could see myself never getting tired of it. $425.00
  2. 0424939288320_500x500.jpg
  3. I love my Michael Kors Brookville Shopper.
    It retails for about $300. It wears really well and is organized and just the right size.
  4. Thanks! It's very pretty.:love:
  5. :nuts: I love it and the price!:lol: Where'd you find this one?
  6. I would definately go for the Mulberry Bayswater. Great quality and timeless style. Love it!
  7. Buttery, best of luck in finding that perfect black bag. I think that Minkoff bag is lovely. Thoughts on Kazuyo Nakano bags, please?

    Kazuyo Nakano Penelope.jpg
  8. OMG...:nuts: :love: That is perfect! Thank you!

    Does anyone know who sells them in the United States?
  9. :nuts: :love: There are so many beautiful bags on that site. Thank you!
  10. I just checked the Mulberry Bayswater at's $995.00.:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I knew it was too good to be true.:girlsigh: :lol:

    I would love something that looks a lot like that in my price range.:girlsigh:
  11. Can our British friends enlighten us about the quality of Ri2K bags? Thanks.

  12. i like the carlos fachi
  13. I absolutely adore my black GD 24 hr Charlotte bag. In fact, despite having a beautiful collection, it really is the only bag I carry. Can be dressed up or down, and is virtually weatherproof.

    I got mine for $350, and even price increases, it's definitely under $600. Classic shape - I can imagine carrying it forever.