Challenge for you gals

  1. I want to buy my mom a bag, but she has so many requirements. This is a woman who's never spent more than $100 on a bag, but she knows what she likes. I want to get a quality leather bag, but I'm thinking mid-range, ie less than $1,000. So here goes:

    - Black everyday leather bag
    - Should fit wallet, notebook, paperback, small waterbottle, glasses case, make-up bag, keys and various small odds and ends
    - Single shoulder strap
    - Zippered closing
    - Split into two/ three sections

    TIA, I'm really having a hard time with this.
  2. i'll start looking but split into 2/3 sections is going to require some work.
  3. Have you checked out Monsac bags?

    I think several of their styles have multiple compartments, and their quality is very good. The styles are also very clean and simple.
  4. I thought of Monsac, but my mom's recently retired, so I think something a little less structured will be better. VB that second HH would have been perfect, was it not for the damn white stitching, what are these designers thinking when they do that. Maybe I'll get that one in a different color.
  5. i was going to say if i could choose a few different colors i could have suggested a bit more maybe, the more than 2 compartments does limit your selection, as does the zipper. maybe you could try and find bags that bend her rules but still stick to them?

    i think if you check out hayden harnett you'll find a nice selection! i'll keep looking...
  6. I also found these two Cole Haan's. What do you guys think? I have to go check it out IRL though, since I'm not sure about the sizes. I also think if I want the triple-compartments, it would have to be double strapped, which I think will be ok with my mom. I think I've seen her with bags like that.
    CH Triple zip.jpg CH Paige front.jpg
  7. Yip, I've seen a few Bulgas that would be perfect, but I've yet to see one in black. Do these guys make black bags? They have to right?
  8. I love the Coach Carly bag, but I think it only has one compartment? No idea as I don't own but I love the shape and style of the bag and I've seen so many people who adore it too. Saw it on a lady at Walmart the other day in signature. You could get either black signature or solid black leather.

    My FAVE bag right now is my LV riveting and it has three compartments, but double shoulder straps and is $3300 in the black leather version, so cross that one off. lol.

    The Mandy courier bag by coach comes in black and has a single shoulder strap. Looks like it has multiple compartments. on the back as well as having front pockets. This is a GREAT choice. It is part of Coach's higher end line. The lining is definitely cheerful!
  9. i think either hayden harnett mercer satchel (i'm getting one tomorrow!), bulga or cole haan as well...they have great selections! good luck!
  10. p.s. i think that prada has some great combo nylon/leather bags that are can check them out at or
  11. You could always get a "purseket" to put in the bag if there are not enough compartments.