Chalk patent stam!!

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  1. Barneys NY just called this morning to say they have one and theyre shipping it to me so it should be here this week! :smile:

    She said it was not a return either so Im just hoping its perfect and not damaged, etc *fingers crossed*
  2. Congratulations, calisnoopy! My fingers are crossed for you, too!!
  3. Calisnoopy, congrats!!
    Glad you are finally able to hunt down this bag in your favorite color/material. Hope it'll be perfect. =)
  4. thanks :smile: and i just noticed your usernames are so similar HAHAH i did a doubletake for a second!

    yah im glad I held out and returned the Ivory leather cos it was nice but i feel like i should be like YAY and love my bags rather than just "oh its nice"
  5. oooooo post photos!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations!! Remember to post photos so we can drool over it. =)
  7. Yes, please post photos!!! Would love to see it.
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