Chained Betties - different sizes???

  1. I cannot believe how much I have been angsting over Chloe purses these last few months. I bought a hazelnut belt pocket large Paddy at AR in December and I am NUTS about it. It was a great price and spoiled me for paying full retail. A week or so before that I had purchased a First Call chain handled Betty tote at Neimans and thought it was the coolest thing. It was large and rather cumbersome even for my six foot frame. Buuttt - it still rocked. Then my sister Susieserb (I was the one who told her about this forum and now she posts all the time) bought a chain handled chocolate patent Betty from Bergdorfs at an incredible sale price. I was so jealous - NOT because she had a similar purse with the to-die-for chain handle but because I liked it so much better than MY Betty. Then - a miracle happened! My tote's handle started unravelling. Of course I had to alert Neimans to the problem. I thought they would just stitch it up since it was slightly used but to my shock they gave me the option of returning it!!! Unfortunately I had paid mostly cash to hide all this purse obsession from my husband but Neimans said the return would count only as a credit. Sigh. The mastic python chain handle Betty in Bahrain could possibly be mine if I only had the cash in hand. So now I am DETERMINED to get a chain handled Betty in a patent of some sort - through a Neimans/Bergdorfs outlet. My question is (after all this crazy a##ed obsessing) - do these Betties come in different sizes? Nycmom said something about getting a "larger" black one and returning HER supposedly smaller chocolate one to Bergdorfs. The sizes listed at NAP and eBay say 15x10.5x5 while the Bergdorf's on-line listing said 10x11 1/5 x6?!! What gives? Any info nycmom???? You are the only one to know for sure!
  2. I'm a Betty lover and I, too, have been wanting that chain Betty bag in patent. I believe that Bergdorf had the large brown patent on sale (kicking myself for not getting it), so I've been calling to find one on sale.....none!! But, I have found out that there are at least 2 sizes at NM, a smaller (approx 13 x 9) burgandy and the larger chocolate.........also, Bluefly has a smaller white one.
  3. Today I dropped by my local Neimans to see if there was anything on the presale for Final tommorow. Nothing. Not a single thing.
    I did see those awesome Patent Bettys (full price)! I am shocked how cute they are! The sales girl was really excited about them also. I could have sworn I saw at least two siizes in the Black Patent. They looked awesome!
    llison, would or could you carry a patent bag with black leather shoes?
  4. Thanks for the info ilson and mlredo! It does appear that there are different sizes. But I cannot understand why the full retail for both the ones I saw listed (NAP's and Bergdorf's) is $1840!? The small white one at BF's is a dud that keeps getting returned since it has become quite beat up through all those shippings and handlings. It is an older model without as many pockets and it has no shoulder flat leather tab. I'm going to see if BF's still has the brown smooth leather one and see how big that one is....
  5. More mystery - although I hope I have cleared it up somewhat. On Bluefly (where they are featuring Chloe on the cover page without offering any decent discount over the usual) I see the chain handled Betty is 13x10x8?! Have you ever tried to measure a squishy Chloe bag? But once again the full price retail is listed as $1840. A larger size would surely cost more?
  6. I think the measurements vary depending on who does the measuring, and if they include the side pockets, etc. The measurement given to me by a NM SA over the phone for the burgandy was approx. 13 x 9 or 10, so, it must be pretty close. Also, I believe the larger retails for around $1910-$1940.
  7. sorry if i confused you! i do have the black patent that is the same size as the chocolate (which i am returning), i also have a grey leather that is smaller in size and has two shorter chain handles instead of one longer strap...does that help or make it even more complicated?
  8. Thanks for answering nycmom! I think they are all the same size. An SA at Nordstrom at the Grovve in LA that I called just randomly said that she had a smooth black one with a chain handle that costs in the $1900 range. But she explained that certain colors were more universal staples and would rarely get marked down (like whiskey, black and cream) while others were identifiable with a certain year or season and would go on sale when the season was through. I just have to get one. Right now I have all this money in my account at Neimans with nothing to show for it! AAaaargh. Plus - I can't let my husband see that statement. What would my story be?