Chain Wear: Do I need to worry?

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  1. My sincere apologies if that has been discussed at length. I did a search and could not find the info I was looking for.
    Please feel free to direct me to the correct thread if you know one already exists.

    I have a Large Metallic Reissue Camera Bag with Black Hardware. I bought it a year ago for my 40th b-day which was a year away. So, now that my b-day has passed, I'm finally allowed to wear it (I know I'm nuts)!

    I am nervous that the chain passing through the grommets is going to wear the black off both parts. Is this a concern? has this happened to anyone? Is the metal painted or is t black all the way through?
  2. Here is the bag for reference

  3. I have a 2.55 flap, white distressed calf with black chains. I believe it may be the same as your camera bag chains. I haven't noticed any wear on the finish of the chains or the grommets. I will check now, since I plan to carry it to a wedding this weekend, lol!
  4. Thanks. :flowers: I cringe every time I hear it run though the grommets! :Push:
  5. Hi JetSetGo! I have the same large cam bag (but in metallic dark silver) and use it quite a lot. I just looked at my bag, and I do not have any wear. I have not been babying this bag, I have been literally using it as a workhorse and throwing it around the house... I have had it for about 8 months and still looks brand new HTH! :flowers:

    ps. the metallic black is STUNNING :nuts:
  6. Hi Jet, I have a large grey camera bag and I have had it for more than 6 months now. I use it as an everyday bag with my 2 young kids - so far I didn't notice any problems - except the leather around the gromments show minor signs of wear. However, overall it still has excellent condition.
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    OK, am back, reporting for duty. I thought it would be best to show you pics of my bag. Here it is, 09C white distressed 2.55 flap w/black hardware. pristine, no scratches, scuffs, discoloration, etc. Have had it since it first came out...almost 2 years now. I use it occassionally, since it is not a daily bag size and style-wise.

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  8. There are absolutely no signs of chain wear--scratching, finish tarnishing or peeling, etc. What I did find, to my surprise, is there are a couple of chain links which have a gap where they should be closed and sealed with the black finsih just like the rest of the chains. :nuts:!!! I do not put anything heavy in this flap since it is only a size 226, so I think it may have been this way to start with and I just never noticed it, nor bothered to inspect closely until now. It does not bug me though, well, not to the point where I will go run to the boutique to have it repaired and not see/use the bag for months on end. Unless both links, plus the 3rd one holding those 2 together all open and fall out, I think I should be ok.


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  9. May I ask (and I know this sounds a bit stupid) but does the chain smells like "iron" or "metal"??
  10. i dont have this bag so im no help but i just wanted to say congrats to you JSG its a beautiful bag and im very impressed by your self control to not use the bag right away. i know i could never do that lol
  11. I have a large Grey, and it has the regular chain, so I'm no help with your chain question. But I loooovvvvve your Metallic Black!
  12. Metal using the tongue test. :biggrin:
  13. I have the same bag as Schol, the white one with the black chain. So far it is still pristine granted I've only carry it for 4 hours total.
  14. :lolots::tup:
  15. weh-hehe, Soph, I am almost tempted to sniff the chains on our bag!