Chain straps are annoying!!!

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  1. Don't get me wrong I love the edgy look of the chain strap but it really is pain sometimes to deal with. I find that mine always gets twisted. Also pulls my hair along with adding extra weight and sometimes its just not comfy.

    I have decided to use the strap on dark shimmer rocker on Mac and surprisingly it does not look bad. I will post pictures tomorrow of how it looks with my new black 5 zip Mac. Does anyone else hate the chain strap?
  2. I don't own a RM with chain straps...yet. :biggrin: But generally speaking, I do find chain straps to be annoying. They do twist and can be noisy.

    I'll be on the lookout for your pics tomorrow.
  3. Oh yes. I know what you mean! my mini 5 zip in cobalt came with twisted chains, so if I double it up as a shoulder bag the chains doesn't look straight. (i hope you get what I mean!) I used to have another mini mac in the dyed zebra haircalf and it came like that too. Both of them I purchased from the main site. That really annoys me because it just looks very messy. However, I didn't have problems with caught-in-the-hair though!

    My mini mac in fire engine had absolutely gorgeous straight chains and I got her from shopbop. Love it when I double them up, it looks completely straight. Lol, too anal.
  4. I love this idea! I really hate chains, love the look though...I can't wait to see a picture.