Chain straps allowed at theme parks?

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  1. I know this is an odd question but I am thinking of getting and taking the buckled boyfriend with me to Knottsberry Farm. I am wondering if it would be ok because it has a chain strap? Do they consider this to be a weapon?
  2. I brought my BQP MAC to Discovery Kingdom with no problems. I know annaversary brought her BQP MAC to Knottsberry Farm with no problems either.
  3. Oh ok thank you TGP.
  4. yeah, same deal with airports. Although you never know what the TSA will say about
  5. ^ I wondered about airports and MACs when I went to Europe this summer but decided to play it safe for fear of them taking it!
  6. I'm not sure how/why this thread was closed but I've re-opened it. It seems like a legit conversation to me. :tip:
  7. ^^ It's a duplicate of an older similar thread, but it could be merged?
  8. ^ Ah ha! I thought maybe it was closed by accident since we usually close with some type of warning (or redirect) regarding why it was closed. Let's find the other thread and I'll merge them.
  9. Where is the other thread? Could you link me please? Anyway this is an odd topic which makes it difficult to use the search function.
  10. This actually never occurred it me..... :smile:
  11. Good question! Especially in relation to airports & travel.
  12. The chain is fine at airports, unless you get a rogue TSA agent that claims it could be a weapon.
  13. That's never occurred to me, either and I do think it's a good question, too. What about women who wear metal linked belts? I wear them a lot.
  14. Ya I could just see it now "Mam you can't have that bag because it could be used as a weapon".
  15. You will have to take it off at the checkpoint, so they will certainly notice it. No telling what they would do. I would say that if it's not a major airport, it would pass w/ no delay.