Chain Strapped Bags in Summer?

  1. Hi!

    What are your thoughts on bringing out bags with chain straps in the summer? I'm imagining it gets pretty uncomfortable with it rubbing against your skin when it gets hot out, and also potentially tarnish the metal more quickly? I'm particularly thinking of the Saint Laurent Kate bag that I would want to wear during the hotter seasons as well. Share your thoughts and experiences! :smile:
  2. I just bought the kate bag, very chic and functional
  3. Yay! Congrats on your new bag! I just got mine recently too :smile: I'm just worried about potentially quickening the tarnishing of the chain due to sweat, etc during the summer months. I've never had a bag with a chain strap so I'm not sure how they wear. Do you have any experience?
  4. I wouldn’t wear if for a long outing but a couple of hours should be okay.

    I don’t know how comfortable on bare skin it would be. That is why I like my chain bags with the leather shoulder piece
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