Chain reaction: My latest and absolute last purchase before Hong Kong...*PICS*!

  1. This is exactly what I was like when I first started buying LV: one led to another! It was non-stop. So you can imagine how hard I had to hold back when I was trying to save money for my trip!!

    Oh my...first I said ban will come after Azur pochette, then I bought my Segur PM, a peppermint key holder, Illovo PM, and now this...the ban was *supposed* to last from the day I get my Azur pochette until next week on Friday when I fly to Hong Kong. Look what happened :rolleyes: Oh well.

    I'm sorry but I CANNOT resist a strip'll be my last one for a long time I promise. But, you guys know I never make you wait that long--I'll finish some stuff up and post what's inside soon, bear with me!

    The shape of it in the dustbag does kind of give it away though.

    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg
  2. oehh congrats :wlae:
  3. Can't wait to see!
  4. What is it?! :p
  5. Karman!! you did it!! hehe... let us see what is it?? can't wait!!!
  6. A Ludlow? Dentelle possibly? :shrugs:
  7. HAHAHA karman, i love how this is the 3492 LAST purchase before hongkong. hehehe. LV is just irresistable!!!

    hmm i'm guessing a mini pochette?
  8. [​IMG]

    Okay here it is guys...I don't normally appear to be obsessed with Damier this much...but after two consecutive Damier purchases you may think differently.

    Introducing my Damier Compact Zipped wallet! :nuts:



    My accordeon wallet was too big to fit inside my Illovo PM and some of the glaze came off (probably from rubbing against the zipper when I tried to put it in my bag) so I wanted to buy a smaller I can take THIS to Hong Kong with me, too!!

    I love this wallet--it isn't exactly compact since it gets pretty thick really soon, but at least the dimensions are shorter!

    Here it is with Illovo PM:


    P.S. When I posted my Illovo PM, I did say that it would be either the last or second last purchase! :p
    new4.jpg new5.jpg new6.jpg withillovo.jpg
  9. Congrats on you new wallet. Looks like a good fit for your Illove pm
  10. lovely! looks great with the illovo! have a fab time in hong kong and i can't wait to see more goodies when you come back from hong kong!
  11. perfect together! enjoy and they'll serve you well in HK!:yes:
  12. I have the same wallet... It's pretty neat! Congrats!
  13. Congrats..!!!
  14. ooooh congrats! its loverly you will both be very chic and looking good in hong kong :smile:
  15. Nice purchase! :smile: