Chain question

  1. I have the jumbo caviar flap with old chain. I am looking at white or beige before the price goes up on 11-1.
    Do you like white or beige better. Is one color or the other easier to find?

    And now the big question. I love the old chain- alot!!!! But, it is heavy!!!!! Is the new chain heavier, lighter, or the same?

    I don't live anywhere near a major department store, so I greatly appreciate your help!!!!!
  2. I think the new chain is lighter, but it doesn't stay on the shoulder as well.
  3. I prefer white in the old chain (I have it and love it:yes:), but due to climate it is a spring/summer bag for me. Beige looks great year round and is also very pretty. And - the old chain is not heavy, at least for me. I doubt the new chain is that much lighter relatively speaking.
  4. prefer beige old chain :dothewave:
  5. I prefer white to beige. The chain might be heavy, but that's exactly why I love it!
  6. Ok, I am being ignorant here. How does the old chain look like versus the new chain? Does anyone have pictures to show? I am buying a jumbo caviar flap in black soon, but have no idea that there are 2 different chains.
  7. The old chain has the leather interwoven in the chain and the "new" chain is just the chain and no leather...look in the flap reference section for pics
  8. I personally like the white with the new chain

    For me, the new chain gives the whole new look to the classic bag but IMO, it is still heavy though