chain purse???

  1. The photos are terrible! I can't tell... there's been another smaller rectangular bag with a similar chain handle listed recently, with the most *gorgeous* leather - I can't tell for sure if this one has the same leather, but if so... you could get a delicious bag for a great price...
  2. I know the pics are so bad... loos a bit like the flap bag but the chain makes it somehow more feminine and Chanel like...err guess Id have to sell abag before splurging again...thanks for your comment on the other thread.. I try indeed to post unusual bags as Im sure there are here ladies looking for rarer styles and sometimes you can just get discouraged sorting all the filth that's on Ebay...:girlsigh: Also I get the impression that Balenciaga's current success is increasing the value of all the vintage stuff... I mean living in Paris and all I've always known Balenciaga as a luxury house but didn't thought so much of their designs....that is until Ghesquiere came along...
  3. ^ NG has done well there, I like his designs for the house. The motorcycle bag is one of the most brilliant and the colors it gets.

    This white bag may be pigskin rather than camelskin as I saw these bags on AlohaRag last year. I have a camelskin bag and it isn't so bumpy as the tag pic shows.

    I'm also scared of white bags on eBay now because I've "won" a couple and one was really bad. Currently it is with Lovin' my bags and proved to be their most challenging restoration yet. Yikes!
  4. thks for the info rocksteady.. but pigskin huh never knew they made bags out of it!
  5. Rock, you're right - I asked the seller what the card said, and the leather is peccary - she says it's very soft. I remember my dad used to have a pair of peccary driving gloves that were really beautiful.
  6. ooh, sounds so soft! thanks for posting!
  7. It's always so fun to see what other styles are out there aside from the motorcycle styles =)