Chain Patent Betty - which colour?

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  1. Hi girls

    So I want to purchase a Chain Betty patent and have a choice of two colours - Grenat (deep red) or Chocolat (dark brown).

    I am agonising over which one to choose as they both look good in the pictures.

    Which would you say would be the better colour? Was one colour more popular than the other?

    Any comments about the bag would be appreciated!

  2. Ooooh, this would be a very difficult choice. I have no idea what I would do.:shrugs: To decide I have to use too much of my brain power. llson has/had them in those two color, I think. I hope other girls can help you. You can't go wrong with either color, though.:heart:
  3. I'd go for choco since it is more wearable and rarer... i've heard Chloe's patent is amazing and lots of ladies here get compliments on their patent betties...
  4. I have the brown and the black. The grenat is fabulous. Get the one in the best shape and price because the red will go with all of your earth tones.
  5. Oooh, both would be great - you can't go wrong with either!

    I think I'd personally go for the brown though - I use my brown bag more than my burgandy coloured bag, that's all I'd use to choose.

    Do you have a bag in either colour already? That may help make the decision easier.:heart:
  6. I have the grenet patent chain Betty, and it is a great bag. Love the Betty, all styles!!
  7. I'd personally go for the brown... I have owned a red bag in the past, and it didn't get enough use due the color...
  8. :ty: Thanks girls for all your comments - I really value all of your opinions!
    I don't own a dark brown bag or a red one...but I was leaning towards the brown...but now I'm considering buying both! Is that a stupid thing to do? :noggin:
    ...they are both new, same price.
  9. Buying both is the smartest thing to do IMO.:yes: Later if you find you love one more than the other, you can sell it.
  10. thanks kbnkch! Trying to work out a way to buy both without my significant other finding out! (but thinking about it...he probably won't even realise they are two different bags!)
  11. ^^True, they are close in color. :graucho:
  12. Hi llson thanks for your messages. The Betty chain looks lovely in the pictures but I've never seen it in real life so seeing that you own one I'd love to know what it is that makes it so attractive? Is it the leather or the size or the practicality?? It seems that Betty lovers are crazy about their Betty's and I wondered why?
  13. ^^My attraction to Chloe started with the Betty, the large black one with the locking zipper. Since I couldn't find one at that time, I found the patent tote with the locking zipper and fell in love (still my fav Chloe), from there I finally added the large black leather, a large gray leather, and the chain grenent patent. I originally had the brown patent chain, but sent it back, thought I was in Betty overload, then found the grenent on sale, so couldn't pass it up. I get tons of compliments when I wear the chain Betty and the tote, think it's the patent. I've actually had women stop me and ask what 'designer/brand' the grenent chain is, and compliment me on how great it looks. I think it's one of those bags that looks better carried.

    As someone mentioned a while ago, I think it's the 'casual chic' that makes Betty so appealing.
  14. :confused1: Very difficult choice...but I would choose grenat :yes:.

  15. From experience, I can tell you an average man cant tell apart a choco medium betty from a whiskey small betty... your SO wont realise unless he's there when you get the bags... and you could always say you got two for the price of 1!:P
    Check the "How to train a difficult husband in Chloe land" thread for reference on these and other matters:tup:..