Chain or leather strap for Mini Pochette

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  1. I wore the Mini pochette DE yesterday by looping the chain through the belt loops of my jeans and really like the look, I’m now considering buying something from Mcraft or Mautto. I would love to see photos/suggestions from people who have purchased a non LV chain/strap!
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  2. I got a gold chain from aliexpress for $2
  3. I do the same in the summer when I wear shorts - it’s the perfect size. In the past I wore it crossbody with a gold chain when my phone “use” to fit in it.
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  4. I had gotten this from Amazon.

    89EDA214-8AFC-4907-806A-6C3C1627E594.jpeg 73E9BCC5-0039-4720-8D46-CD349605A1BB.jpeg
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  7. Thank you. :smile:
    It’s holding up real well. :smile:
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