Chain of 224.

  1. Hi eveyone, please help!!! Does 224 have a long chain? Is the chain longer than the medium classic flap or other sizes of reissue? Thank you!!
  2. I have the Black Metallic 224 and the chain seems the same as the 226. It's a fun size for going out...
  3. As told by SA & experienced at the boutique in person, all Reissue chains are longer than Classic flaps'. IMO, it's great as I can wear it messager style in a better way. :flowers:
  4. I agree that it is longer than the classic flaps also.
  5. Thank you very much ladies! Problem solved! 224 is somehow too small for me, I'm going to get a 225 instead, it'll be a purple...hehe:tender:
  6. Don't forget to post pics when u rec'd ur 225 purple reissue~
  7. ^I will for sure!!:yes:
  8. it's really a loooovely color. i have the same exact bag and loove it to death
  9. oh wow!!!You have the s/s 2008 metallic purple reissue in size 225 already?:nuts:Please post some pics, I can't wait and see how it looks like!Please...!!!:yes:
  10. i agree on the messenger style, i love that it can be carried that way too!:yahoo:
  11. The messenger style has decided it for me. I HAVE to get a reissue this year!