Chain Nodini!

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  1. Has anyone tried this IRL? Do you like it better than the all-leather strap?

  2. I think it is so cute! I am pretty tempted, it is the right sort of bag for my style.
  3. I like the chain. But it’s $300. So, to go from the $1550 nodini with the strap to the chain is a bit expensive....but I’m not really surprised as I expected price increases. It looks really cute the way it’s been styled....
  4. It would be nice if the strap of the Nodini was removable, we could switch it out with the disco strap! But I do like the leather/chain combo strap.
  5. I recently bought this bag (in brighton!) and I love it. I was already a nodini fan, as I once owned and loved a nodini with the all-leather strap (in ardoise) for years. I personally like the chain-strap version and it suits my personal style more than the original version. The chain strap is not for everybody, and it really felt like a totally different bag to me. When I tried it on I couldn't resist despite the price difference. Also, I prefer the brunito hardware, and was happy to find a bag that didn't have the new dark gold finish.

    I hope that somebody else will have a chance to enjoy this bag too!
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  6. Modeling shots?!
  7. is Brighton still being made?
    i thought it was a seasonal colour for SS2017 :confused1:
  8. Oh dear, I'm a little camera shy and not one for modeling shots. I'll see how courageous I feel when I'm home from work tonight. Certainly it won't be as fabulous as the stock photo though!

    They re-released it! I find it to be much more saturated with more teal/green undertones than the prior shade and I was quite excited to see it.
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  9. thank you, good to know
    i like it (card case and espadrilles), it's a nice neutral and versatile colour :tup:
  10. Purse snatcher proof. Otherwise, I think that chain looks too heavy.
  12. I don‘t like chains on bags at all! Too heavy and hurtful for me. And the new „gold“ chains of BV are also not my cup of tea.
    I miss the gun metal hardware on the new BV models very much. That‘s one more reason to not buy a BV bag from the new styles! :sad:
  13. Yes, the gunmetal color hardware was very nice and neutral. I dislike chains, too but I will say, the Disco Bag chain isn’t bad because it is at least lightweight.
  14. The Disco bag was the only bag with a chsin I have had for a few months. Then I have sold it because of the chain.
    I like the Nodini with chain on the picture, it‘s very nice. But it‘s not for me!
    I love my 2 Nodini’s with leather strap so much.
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  15. I recently got the chained one in Brighton also!

    The one thing I love about the chain is the strap drop. I am 5'7" with relatively long torso and the regular Nodini strap was still too long for me. Chained ones are a bit shorter and sits more comfortably next to my hip.

    I'm also used to stuff a small purse in larger bag, so the chain just sits under the small purse well, instead of poking out in every direction or creased from being folded.
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