Chain med hobo or Pelham small hobo

  1. Need opinions..

    which one?

    Chain med hobo if off white


    pelham small hobo in white?

  2. Ohhhh I love both but I think I would have to pick the Pelham.
  3. I think the pelham as well. Both are classic shapes, and both are great bags though!
  4. DEFINITELY the pelham!! the braided straps are soooo beautiful, but my friend has the chain hobo too...but honestly, the pelham is just more stunning with the straps standing out :smile: either choice will be a great bag nonetheless!
  5. LOVE the Pelham!
  6. I'm in AC right now.. I went to the Gucci at the pier last night and tried on the chain Medium Hobo and own the Small Pelham. Although the Chain Medium Hobo is nice, I would still pick my own Small Pelham over the hobo..That's if I had to choose.. I like straps and the hardware on the Pelham.
  7. i guess im the odd one out...i LOVE the casul yet fresh look of the chain hobo

    thats not saying much because i like the pelham and probably will be my next purchase buttttttttttt i LOVE LOVE LOVE the chain and it is the MOST comfortable bag i have EVER owned!!!

    (btw did i mention i L:O:V:E it! haha)
  8. ^^^^ Agreed....I say chain for comfy...just sits on ur shoulder....chain!