Chain Mail Flap Bag

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Is it too blingy? Do you think it is just for night/party? Can we get away with carrying this in the day?
  2. I just got the HOBO and plan to wear it in the day
  3. How much for a hobo with chain mail? still available in the shop?
  4. The flap is just perfect for the night...... (20x27x2)
    And the mesh metal handle is new !
    You can buy it in black or white !
    The Hobo is too big and too casual for the night (35x40)

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  5. i think its a great day and night bag!
  6. Oooh, the white flap is so nice !! :tup:
  7. I have the hobo as well, it's very easy to carry during the day.
  8. Thank you ladies.. I didn't realise that the flap bag is so small..
  9. I had to return mine because it snagged my sweaters and coats. Be careful.
  10. i have it and i only use it at night! :smile:
  11. i am tempted to get the flap.. it is a great bag from what i have seen...
  12. R U SERIOUS?
    that scares me!i just got the hobo..havent used it yet....
  13. I m planning to get the white one but am worried that its gonna get stained easily?
  14. i fell in love with the white initially but my SA warned me so i got the black instead.