Chain mail clutch price in Germany/Paris?

  1. I'll be heading to Europe soon and two places I'll be that have Dior are Munich and Paris (not sure why Vienna doesn't!).

    If someone knows off the top of their head what is the price of Dior Chain Mail clutch in Euros in either place I'd appreciate if you could share the information.

    Otherwise I'll be calling internationally soon...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Can you post a pic of the chain mail clutch? I live in Stuttgart, Germany and they have a Dior shop inside of the Breuninger mall. If I know what you are looking for, I can go look and see what the price is (that is, if they have it). I think it would be about the same price in Munich.
  3. Thanks for the pics Nataliem1976. Schmodi...I will try to go to the store within the next few days to see if they have it.

  4. no probs...i love that clutch too but i think the US price is insane lol...
  5. Yeah I love it too. I actually bought it in Vegas and then when I came home my boyfriend wasn't happy I paid so much money for a "tiny bag that I can't fit anything in". I ultimately returned it, but I've been kicking myself since. I know LV, Dior, etc is less expensive in Europe so I'll buy when I'm there (and hopefully not hear how I just bought a bag...blah blah blah. Men just don't get it :p)

    Thanks for posting the link to the bag!
  6. Did it go down in price or has it always been $1430? I thought it was more at the actual Dior store?

  7. always 1430 on elux.

  8. you are a good gf, if my bf said something like that about one of my bags it wouldnt be myself i would be kicking ...:wlae:
  9. Ha I know. He's right though-it's a lot of money for a tiny bag, but I still want it so I figure it will be better to buy in the EU. (I just hope I get home earlier enough to intercept my Fedex box with the new Dior I just bought) :yahoo:

  10. PICS please ! :nuts:
  11. I will once it arrives. It has a scheduled delivery date of Nov 2nd. Very excited-after almost 12 months of thinking about it, it's mine. I had to track down the last one in the US though :p
  12. Great-thank you!
  13. Schmodi,
    I went to Zurich this past week...I looked for the purse in their Dior store, but did not see it. I will go to the store, here in Germany, this week to check on the price.
  14. Hello Schmodi,

    I went to the Dior store in Stuttgart today. they did not have the chain mail clutch there. The salesperson believes the bag is about 800 Euro, which with the current exchange rate is about $1,172. Plus, when you leave Germany (of course, if you buy here), you will get back the tax...which saves you about 19%.

    He said they get a new shipment of merchandise sometime nex week, so I could always go again...but to be safe, I would add about 100 - 200 more Euros on to the price...just because the salesperson was not too sure.