Chain Large Hobo - give me a push!!!

  1. So i've fallen.... HARD! I tried on the Chain Large Hobo Gucci bag today at NM and LOVED everything about it. It was so snug next to your body - and soooo comfortable for a larger sized bag. I want this bag so badly i'm even thinking of selling one of my Balenciaga's to add to it's fund.

    So what do you think Gucci ladies? Does anyone have this bag and want to sing it's praises or give me a push!!!!
  2. If anyone has a photo of their chain hobo - i'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it!!!! :Flowers:
  3. I so love this bag. I have the Cognac color and it is just so comfortable. Even if you don't put a lot of stuff in the bag it still looks great. Go and get it...
  4. What colour leather are you thinking of? I think the Cognac was on sale in might be able to find one?

    It's a GORGEOUS should definitely go for it!!!
  5. Its gorgeous!!
  6. I'm thinking about the black. I figure it goes with everything and will last forever. Is it a bad decision to let my balenciaga rouge vif go in favor of this bag.

    I've been thinking about it all day. I feel like it would just work so well for my life right now.
  7. p.s. is there any "downside" to his bag (question for owners I guess?)
  8. I don't own any Balenciaga bags so I guess I'm a bit biased. I don't see any "downside" to this bag at all. I actually love this bag so much that I own a black leather and a mandarin orange with the GG fabric in the medium size. I think the black leather is an excellent choice and it's a great everyday bag.

    did i push hard enough :nuts:
  10. *SHOVE*
  11. i love this bag and style!!!!!! =D *PUSHHHHHH* if i didnt look so small with the bag, id buy it for myself..but ive tried it on and my friends tease me and tell me that i can fit inside the bag -_O
  12. hi I'm Leslie from Antwerp (Belgium) and I love the chain bag!
    I have the medium off-white in guccissima leather! it's my favourite bag, I love to have it with me! :heart: :heart: :heart: :p Don't have doubts!

  13. Get it! I have two large leather bags, use them all the time, from business meetings to pre school. I can get heavy and it will bump against things but I think its the best Gucci style evah!
  14. I think its cute! Definitely get it.. I really wanted a monogram one at point.