Chain issues...

  1. I am having some trouble with my adorable wallet on a chain. The chain keeps getting bent/twisted and I have to straighten it out all the time. Has anyone else had this problem? Will it 'fix' itself once the leather in the chain loosens up? Is this a defect? Help!:confused1:
  2. I bought the wallet on chain yesterday and I have been having the same problem too!! hopefully it would loosen up with use
  3. Congrats on the wallet/bag!!!! I am obsessed with mine! I still can't believe how darn expensive they are BUT it does seem to be the most versatile piece EVER!
    Which one did you get?:smile:
  4. This has happened to me too with new bags. You have to strat at one end of the chain and gently straighten out all the links and the leather. Hopefully then it will be fine. If you just straighten one link instead of the entire chain the problem does keep repeating itself. Any probs take it to Chanel the SA's there will straighten the chain for you.
  5. thanks :smile: i got the bronze colour its similar to the reissue...I should post a pic soon. I also got a cc in grey with the camellia pattern and a GST tote in blk caviar w sliver hardware (waiting for it to arrive from UK) i'll post them all soon I promise :smile: