Chain Issue! HELP

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  1. Hi ladies! I have many Chanel bags but have never had this issue. I recently purchased a rectangular mini in patent (second hand) and the chain is twisted. Some of the silver links also twist. I want to make sure that Chanel could actually fix this issue and if it would bother any of you? Also the turn lock has loosened just a very little bit. Am I being too picky or obsessive or do I have a genuine problem with the bag? Thanks so much in advance. :flowers:
  2. Also is the leather in the chain supposed to be patent also or regular leather?
  3. Any defects on a bag always drive me crazy. Even if When I am buying a vintage bag, I can handle some wear but not much else.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I really appreciate it.
  5. Twisted chains you can usually unchain them

    Strap should be leather but if you have pics that will help a lot
  6. Hi what do u mean twisted chain? And the turnlock on mine is slightly loose too and it's brand new .so maybe it's just how it's made
  7. I actually am having Chanel replace the chain completely, they agreed it was defective. As for the turn lock it's fine...just me being overly crazy lol. I am missing my mini so much.
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