Chain Horsebit Hobo a classic?

  1. Would you say this bag is a classic bag? do you think a younger crowd wears this bag or all age groups? Im having a hard time picking which bag to get...ahhh!! I love gucci though ;)
  2. I think all age groups wear this bag. I personally love the Blondie but they are so rare. Good luck
  3. I love this bag & think it's a classic. I also think it's for all age groups. I'm 22 & I have a Guccissima one :love:
  4. chichi, what size do you have? i cant decide between medium or large
  5. I have the medium. I think it's the perfect size for me. The large was just way too big (I don't like big bags).
  6. Tunder, Did you decide which size to get?
  7. I think any age can wear it. I have the large gg fabric with off white trim and I love it...
  8. Korilynn, I am going to order both on Tuesday and return whichever one I dont like. I think this will be easier in the end.
  9. Hi T,
    As per your request, here are the pics. Sorry it didn't the otherway around. HTH.
    :flowers: Good look with your decision!!
    Pic 1: Medium horsebit filled
    Pic 2: Contents- keys, 3 wallets, phone/PDA, umbrella, and cashmere sweater
    Pics 3-5: size on my 5'0", 103 LB frame
    IMG_2991.JPG IMG_2992.JPG IMG_2994.JPG IMG_2995.JPG IMG_2996.JPG
  10. Thank you so much for posting these---sent you a message
  11. Sounds smart to me!! I hope you love the one you pick!
  12. I love this bag! The pics GUCCIhoochie posted are GREAT - get it:yes:
  13. Guccihoochie, just wondering if this gorgeous bag is in silver or light-gold hardware? It's hard to tell from the pics. I want this bag with light-gold hardware if possible but don't know if it comes with that metal. There are so many fakes on eBay, I've been having a hard time tracking one down and I don't want to pay the earth..... :girlsigh:
    Thanks, sues
  14. Sooooo Tunder,
    Did you order your chain hobos yesterday???????
  15. Korilynn---Yup I got them both!!! They should arrive at the end of the week so I will let you know which one I excited!