Chain handles and long hair *rant*

  1. so I currently own 3 MJ bags with chain handles (denim tote, black mp, and mouse stam) and I don't use em often cuz everytime I do my hair gets caught in the chain handles and it hurts :crybaby:

    I feel like a total fool for typing that but am I the only one with this issue :wtf: :P
  2. Ow! I'm sorry to hear that. I only have the Petrol MP and Gucci Capri with chain handles and it doesn't get stuck in my hair. My hair is straight and thick, is yours curly or fine perhaps? It would be annoying to only be able to use these bag with your hair back. That would drive me crazy!
  3. my hair is long and curly

    mind you I carried the denim tote to work tonight and as I was sliding it off my shoulder to get my wallet I felt pieces of hair being ripped out :crybaby:

    It could just be I'm a total idiot though :P
  4. Harlem_Cutie, sorry to hear that. I have long & straight hair, I don't have any bags with chains so I couldn't relate. I hear yah..

    Didn't know that you gave in & got the Mouse Stam! Congrats!!!! =)
  5. bag.lover my mom bought me the mouse stam. I rarely carry it though cuz it's so heavy and since I'm back in school I already have to carry around textbooks. :upsidedown:

    She uses it more than I do :yes: :P
  6. I'm sorry about the hair issue.
  7. I can relate..I was just thinking I know that happens to me with one of my purses but for the life of me I can't pin point which one it is!
  8. LOL. Your mom is very fashionable. =) Does she say anything about its weigh? My sister thought my Venetia's heavy, don't blame her since she's not used to MJ bags. =)
  9. Owwww! Ouchie!! I knew there was a reason that I wasn't crazy about the chain handles. They sounds dangerous!
  10. Sorry to hear that harlem_cutie. I have long, thick, and wavy hair. I think the chain and the hair make sense. I could imagine it would happen to me too. I have a putty stam but I've never used the chain. I just thought it won't be comfortable on my shoulder. Maybe when you use your chain bag you can put your hair in a pony tail or do something different with it besides let your hair down.

    You have beautiful bags. You should be able to enjoy them!
  11. wow..:nuts: you got the new mouse stam ?:drool:
    how do u think about it except heavy? like color, or does it match all the styles (jeans, dress, causal, coat, cap,.....)
    cuz i think it can match every styles, all ages, isn't it?
  12. I love the color. It's like a metallic gray but it's definitely a neutral and can be casual or dressy. Everytime I wear it I get a lot of compliments. I notice that when I take the handle off it is much lighter though.
  13. Ok, so I finally today I tried to use the chain. It definitely made the bag alot heavier and it kinda hurt on my shoulder, though I did like the way it looked. Oh, no pain no gain :nuts:. Maybe I'm just gonna put the chain on once in a while. Surprisingly my hair didn't get caught at all by the chain.
  14. My hair isn't that long (shoulder length) so no I don't have that problem, but good luck with that. Maybe you can pull your hair back when you wear those bags?
  15. I hope I don't have this problem. My Stam is on it's way to me and I definitely plan on using it. I guess I'll do like elongreach recommends and put my hair up or back when using it. It's worth it to carry that beautiful bag.