chain for the insolite

oh so lovely

Nov 6, 2006
do you guys think the chain for the insolite is useful/worth the money?

i am loving the wallet and wanted to know if the chain will make it even better. to those who own the chain - how do you use it? do you attach the wallet to your bags? use it was a wristlet?

that is where i am at princesskara - i got the wallet in red as a gift and have been checking out the chain on elux to determine whether or not i want to get one

so please keep the opinions coming...
I got the red insolite and the chain yesterday from elux and it should be here soon. I'll post pics when i get them.

Meanwhile, there's some pics posted in the Insolite clubhouse, check it out!
IMHO, get the chain. Its very useful in attaching your other vuitton accessories to the interior of your bags. i have always wanted to get one since almost all my bags have the D ring, I finally have the chain to attach the other small accessories. i don't know with you but the chain is not always available in our local LV boutique, if ever, one needs to order and wait at least a few weeks before it arrives. So i jumped at the chance when they had only one left when i got my Insolite.

i wasn't able to get the chain for my insolite red as it was out of stock but i think it would be useful. i would definitely get it as soon as it becomes available here.
thanks guys!

i've looked at the pics and know what the chain and wallet look like together. that is why i am asking about the use/practicality of the chain.

I think it would be useful...I'll use the chain if i want to use my Insolite as a clutch (to hang on wrist). I'd also use the chain if I want to attach my Insolite to my bag's D-Ring. Not to mention, the Insolite looks good with the chain. ;)
I bought the chain and like it in my open style handbags on the d ring...I feel secure that way...but, for a clutch I have attached my strap from my Kate is gold so it is a tad too formal...I was thinking about getting this strap for the insolite...what do you think???