**Chain Drop Bag**

  1. I've just called NM and they told me they have this really cute Chain Drop in Red Lambskin for the price of USD$4975. Does anyone have any information or picture of it? This would be really helpful as the description mentioned by the SA over the phone is too cute!
  2. It is beautiful. I have seen this bag. Too expensive for me for a small bag. Its from Fall if that helps you look for it.
  3. I liked it alot but its WAY too much money!!!!!
  4. Yeah, I know its way above my budget. I am so not paying more than $2k anymore. Hahaha. But I am a wee bit curious on how it looks like
  5. I have not seen it yet. Kill me, but why does the red cost so much?
  6. Hi Lalique!There are 3 styles : a flap, a tote and a bigger flap
    I saw all three at Chanel b Vienna and they come in red ,blue and black(and maybe green).
    the small flap and the tote were 2400 EUROS,the bigger flap was 3400 to 3700 don't remember exactly
    the small flap was way too small while the tote was like a shopping bag with very short handles so I think your SA must have referred to the bigger flap
    They had it in red and black but I had asked for the blue I was told Europe won't get blue!!
    I really liked the whole effect with the chains(ruthenium I think) and the leather has a beautiful touch (lambskin) IMO it's a very trendy bag but even the larger flap is not really big enough although eyecatching I must admit and I really don't know if the chain work justifies the high price tag:confused1:

    Here are some pics from the reference Library:smile::
    small flap
    bigger flap in red
  7. love the colors, but personally not feeling the design--reminds me of weeping willows, love those boots though!
  8. Eh?????????????? That's it? That was what the SA was referring to? I am so not feeling it! Hahahha. Thanks Chanelspell for the pix. And thanks everybody for the input. Now I am going to concentrate on the rumour of another price increase....SOB. Why is it hard for me to get a Chanel???
  9. wow....divine gorgeous! but the price tags is way too HIGH.....sigh!
  10. I'm thinking that vintage is the way to go now.
    Celia, your little boy is a cutie!
  11. I think its cute, although it looks like the bag is melting. lol but its different and unique
  12. ehhhhh... saw this irl and not feeling it...
  13. I liked the largest of the flaps, but it was at its best on a third person, so I could watch how cool the swinging, dancing chains were as she walked away with over $5,000 in additional credit card debt (instead of me, for a change). Really, they are very nice bags. The small ones for evening made the most sense to me, but I didn't want or need it enough to justify spending so much.
  14. i've seen this bag in Barcelona.

    red is nice...

  15. :roflmfao: so funny!