Chain detail veneta on sale at

  1. I wish I knew how to get the pic into this thread. There's an interesting large brown veneta with chain detail on sale on NM's website.
  2. It`s an Ebano Catena Veneta for 1575 USD!
  3. Thanks C-24!!
  4. so what does everyone think of this bag? trendy???:shrugs:
  5. I haven't seen IRL, but I like it. I just think the price should be lower, because I think it's from last summer. But, it's an ebano veneta, so that's probably why it's not lower.
  6. kiss-p- I agree with the price..way too high for a 2 year old bag, and also I believe it is heavy and won't drape and squish like the classic Veneta..
  7. What I`ve heard is that you should be careful wearing the bag with knit-tops and other fabrics that could easily be damaged, the chains supposedly tend to do that!